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  1.   Remark by the President







      First of all, I really appreciate the good care and strong support from all walks of life to Qinman Group for many years
      Qinman, once a small factory with only usd 26640 now becomes the ten strongest one in garment industry in China. Qinman has experienced such challenging and painstaking ways and everybody in Qinman has made his or her contributions to the company, above all, each one really looks its quality as his or her own life with his or her deep feelings during these 10 years.
      The ace design, the scientific management, the refined material, the design and manufacture, the fashionable style &high quality and the good command of the trend make Qinman win the market. Now, Qinman has taken advantages over the marketing economy and got a lot of business from Industry&Commerce, Tax, Finance, Stock, Airlines, Communications, Post &Telecommunication, Large Enterprises and Departments concerned. Qinman won a lot of awards and developed abroad markets, and its products are now being introduced into Europe, USA and Southeast Asia.
      New era, new challenge and China's entry into WTO will bring greater markets in the globe. The people in Qinman will constantly aim at the consumers' ideas, pursue perfection and explore the markets continuously and make Qinman become the famous international garment mark.

                              Chairman: Zhi ding Sun